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About Us

Our Story

HireWing.In, A top software development company based in India, has delivered customized software solutions to 100+ clients across 10 countries. Our expert team of web developers and designers is passionate about software design and development. We specialize in mobile web-based, distributed, and stand-alone digital solutions tailored to your business needs across various industries. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of technology trends ensures top-quality, end-to-end software solutions, including Android and iOS app development, e-commerce, and social media app development.

Girish Sharma

Cloud Consultant

Vipin Sharma

Senior Manager


At HireWing.In, we embrace the Agile methodology as the cornerstone of our software/app/website design process. Agile is more than just a methodology, it’s a mindset that prioritizes collaboration, adaptability, and customer feedback. We break down complex projects into manageable increments, or “sprints,” to ensure rapid delivery of functional software.

Scrum Master

We rely on the Scrum framework to drive our projects to success. Scrum is all about structured teamwork and transparency. We conduct daily stand-up meetings, plan sprints meticulously, and host sprint reviews to maintain close collaboration. With Scrum, we aim to deliver a potentially shippable product increment at the end of each sprint, ensuring that our clients are always in the loop and can see tangible progress at every stage of development.

ITIL Process

We adhere to ITIL principles to provide top-notch IT service management. ITIL is not just a set of best practices; it’s a comprehensive framework that ensures our IT services are planned, delivered, and supported efficiently and effectively. Our commitment to ITIL means we align our services with your business needs, focusing on improving service quality at every step